Meet PickleNugs

Meet Pickle and Chicken Nugget, PickleNugs, the dynamic duo of adventurous rescue dogs! These two playful pups were born on April 5th, 2018, and are proud Dachshund Terrier mixes with unique personalities that will steal your heart with their playful antics and boundless energy.

These two inseparable buddies have an unbreakable bond. They are the best of friends, always looking out for each other and sharing playful moments together. Their synchronized movements and playful banter are a joy to watch and will warm your heart.

Pickle and Chicken Nugget have also been our loyal travel companions, joining us on road trips, camping adventures, and other excursions. They’ve wagged their tails with excitement as they’ve discovered new places and new dog pals, and their friendly personalities have won them many admirers along the way. They’ve brought endless joy and laughter into our home, and we can’t imagine our lives without them.

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